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Mature content
Trump Twitter - Joke :icontiggerkun:TiggerKun 5 21
Withered Sarah :iconcuckoothebirb:CuckootheBirb 5 5 Don't hug us, we're scared :icondeltamimi:Deltamimi 90 10 Steak Guy n' spinach kid :iconmalazkaboom:malazkaboom 29 21 Plastric :iconthemlgnupescooper:TheMlgNupeScooper 1 0 DHMIS puppet dudes :icondrgoldenstar:DrGoldenstar 70 7 DHMIS 6 puppet dudes :icondrgoldenstar:DrGoldenstar 64 4 My own version of the endoskeleton :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 11 12 Night terror Stingman :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 10 26 Those notifications wow :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 7 48 Fnahg 1 Night Terror RandomGirl :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 5 9 Toy Rolf the Wolf :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 7 13 Stingman :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 9 49 WeedGuy Le Foux :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 5 35 Withered Yoshi :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 9 16 Withered Yoshi WIP :iconfnati-fal:fnati-fal 3 3



Sammy ZeFrog (Healfroth Afarhos)
This character was/is a design I had of a partner for Sarah (More specifically Toy Sarah). I LOVED the idea so much that I decided to recycle it into this character, Sammy (who is essentially a gender-swapped version of Sarah). Like how Sarah is based off of Tony and Sketch, Sammy is obviously based off of Shrignold and Colin.

Fun Fact: Sammy's second name, "Healfroth Afarhos", is a reference to Shrignold's name being and anagram.

Shrignold is an anagram for 'Holds Ring'- Because he is the leader of a love cult.
Healfroth Afarhos is an anagram for 'Other Half of Sarah'- Because he was supposed to be Sarah's partner.

Other Fun Fact: Sammy was later replaced by Andrew FeLynee.
(Both of these two are eerily similar however.)
Withered Sarah DeFrog
Just because she's broken-down and withered, don't think she's lost her pep! She's just as crass and crude as ever- Maybe even more now that she's out of commission. This raving frog sure has a few things to say about the establishment she's in and the ones around here. Sarah's definitely raising hell no matter what the case is, so you better just watch your back... Especially because she has Time on her side and a few other friends with her now.


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Sara W. Schmidt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm just your random loser on the interwebs that has an obsession with roleplaying and making shitty OCs. If ya like my stuff (if I have any), then good for you. Also, I admire animatronics. (I absolutely love Chuck E. Cheese's and Showbiz Pizza Place) o3o

My Fave FNaF Characters In Order:



:iconfnati-fal: :iconunsafermirror2: :iconswordydakat189: :iconkoshi5: :iconjandn2014: :iconmynameisrandomgirl: :iconnickolas4ready: :icontiggerkun: :icontoxinatehskunk: :iconkoopaking8000: :icondantdmfan518: :iconmudkipofcoolness: :iconadumbgaming:


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fnati-fal Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist
Now I have I know every owner of the fnahg characters
Haxguy - Cuckoothebirb
Obby - Obbygames
Muffinberry - Muffinberries
Sarah - You (obviously)
Random girl - MynameisRandomgirl
Echo - Ech0lation
Munch.jr - MunchjrGames
HappyBurger - HappyBurger23
Redstone - RedstoneYOLO
Stingman - StingyStingman122
Cuckoo - Cuckoothebirb
Kana - YoaiFangirl1
Maxwell - Fnatirfanfullbodies
Bob - ???
Did I forget one???!
Btw Maxwell, Kana and Bob aren't in game anymore, but still.
CuckootheBirb Featured By Owner 1 day ago
i need alot of help
can you helpp me?
FreddyFazbear225 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course you do.

Now, what shall it be? Hurry up now, boy! I must be departing soon.

HAV - Franz Liszt 
CuckootheBirb Featured By Owner 1 day ago
i feel FNAHG is TOO much like FNAF
to the point of not being creative and just being a standerd "knockoff"
FreddyFazbear225 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
That's because it is.

Just about every fangame/fanseries that follows FNaF's style is basically just a rehash or ripoff of it.

What I believe was the only truly original game that followed this "FNaF-Style" trend was One Night at Flumpty's- But it wasn't taken seriously at all and was really just a joke that became it's own little series.

The only possible way to make FNaHG 'original' would be having to scrap the entire thing and start off totally new. You'd basically be shoving 2 or something years down the shitter- Characters, plot elements, gameplay, art-style, ect. All gone and replaced.

This is of course basically impossible at this point- It would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

Now, we can continue your existential crisis on a further period. I must be leaving.

HAV - Edgar Allan Poe I will be shot dead if I'm caught awake this late into the night...
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